The purpose of this homepage is to show photos of Bis Jensens art work and african art collection.

At present, there are about 150 pictures grouped in 10 albums created with ACDsee software. Viewing requires Javascript.
Clicking on the second icon from left will start a slideshow in each album. To stop slideshow, just click on the first thumbnail to the left. Backspace jumps to previous picture. Hit backspace several times -through all the displayed pictures- to go back to start page. Or click the Bis-Art link in your favorites.

Comments and inquiries about prices are welcome by mail. In English, Danish, Swedish, German or French. You can expect a reply in English from the artist within 24 h.

The best way to describe one given item is to download the picture . Right-click on it and attach the .jpg-file to your email

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updated april 2013